Live Stronger Program

Empowering older adults for a stronger tomorrow

Live Stronger is a functional resistance training class with the mission of promoting strength and resilience as you age. Each class will be programmed and coached by Doctors of Physical Therapy, drawing from current research to build strength, improve endurance, boost metabolic health, and decrease overall risk of mortality in the most effective ways. All lifts and movements will be modified and scaled to meet individual needs. Our goal is to equip older adults in Grand Island to age well and break the adage of old=weak

"Since joining Live Stronger I have more energy, stamina, and better balance. My lung function has also greatly improved. I have seen a drastic reduction in my use of a rescue inhaler, stopped Spiriva medication and I no longer even use a CPAP device. My sleep is so much better! I would recommend this class to any person with asthma and definitely recommend the 3 day a week ritual."

--Nancy Huston

Live Stronger Program Testimonials

"The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind."

--Greg Glassman, Founder and CEO of CrossFit

"As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, I had a dream and goal to go on a hunt of a lifetime. My youngest son and I talked about this for many years, but with the clock ticking and having a hip replaced and two new knees, I knew this dream was getting out of reach.

Over a year ago, I was doing water therapy 3x/week at Live Well PT when a therapist asked me if I would be interested in an exercise class for senior adults that would work on strength and agility. I signed up for the class, Live Stronger, and began experiencing success with my flexibility right away. My wife joined and experienced the same success. We have made it a part of our weekly routine.

After a year of Live Stronger at the age of 77, I am able to still mow my own lawn, move snow for myself and our neighbors, do some traveling and attend my grandkid's activities without the stiffness and discomfort I had been experiencing. On September 21, 2022, I was blessed to go on that hunt of a lifetime and be a part of bagging a trophy elk with my son.

I know none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the Live Stronger class and the encouragement of the therapists who started the class, Mitchell and Nicole Thompson. They watch carefully as we do strength and cardio workouts with each session. If something is difficult, they modify the exercise so it works for each and every individual. Their encouragement helps all participants live stronger and has definitely been an asset to my life."

--Steven Miles

"I have been a Live Stronger member for over 2 years. After having 3 shoulder surgeries I have noticed the strength in my shoulders has greatly improved. I lift heavier objects and I no longer have lower back problems. I have a better attitude knowing my body is in good shape. Overall, this class has been a godsend. For years I would exercise on my own. I would last a day or two. This class gets me up in the morning and moving, plus it keeps me on track with Keeping my body fit! I would recommend it to anyone 50 and over who wants to improve their quality of life."

--Dee Ann Yeager

"I have been a Live Stronger member for 2.5 years. I have noticed better breathing & more energy - my whole body feels better. I can now lift & move things I struggled with before. My confidence in what I can do and what I can try is higher. It has helped me in reading what my body tries to tell me. My recent fall aside, I have not fallen and have stopped balls many times since starting this program. Besides the benefits I have received, I especially appreciate the information about the science and studies we can look to outside class. The enthusiasm for doing what you do in coaching us is so evident and is so encouraging!"

--Solveig Knott

"The atmosphere of the clays is fun and social. Mitchell and Nicole look after us to be sure we don’t hurt ourselves and that we get the most good from the exercises. I feel total trust in them. After full shoulder surgery I have regained more mobility and strength. I had both knees replaced several years ago and they became weak; now they are much stronger."

--Delores Edwards

"Thank you for this program. All of the instructors do a great job. I feel stronger and have a better attitude. It is a reason to get up and get going - ready for the day!"

--Kathy Bohnart

Live Stronger in the News

Live Stronger program in Grand Island helping older adults to live well and strong

The Live Stronger program is a functional resistance training class with the mission of promoting strength and resilience as you age. Each class is programmed and coached by doctors of physical therapy, drawing from current research to build strength, improve endurance, boost metabolic health, and decrease overall risk of mortality in the most effective ways.

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Relevant Research

Reverse Your Osteoporosis through Resistance Training

In a study conducted by Griffith University in Australia, it has been shown that osteoporosis can show a reverse trend with implementation of high-intensity resistance and impact training on a regular basis. Of those women that participated in performing the high-intensity resistance and impact training, 2x/week over 8 months, they had decreased T-scores (increased bone density) for lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck than their counterparts who participated in light exercise at the same frequency. So, LIFT MORE weight and work at higher intensities and reduce your risk of bone fracture.

These principles are incorporated routinely into our programming to help our members build stronger bones as a building block for better lives!

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Routine Resistance Training Reduces Chronic Disease Risk

In a review performed by McMaster University in Canada, researchers have concluded that participating in routine resistance exercise training to volitional fatigue decreases the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and mobility disability. This is done via the byproducts of resistance training: improving blood pressure, improving blood glucose levels, improving immune system function, improving cholesterol, improving body composition (losing weight) and improving muscle mass and strength.

Our whole goal with Live Stronger is to aid you in living stronger, healthier lives. With routine resistance training, this is possible, and that’s why we are so passionate about it!

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Program Specifics

  • Location: Live Well Sports and Performance Center
  • Address: 2517 West Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803
  • Class Time: 5:15am, 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am
  • Class Days: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Price: Contact our office for pricing and details.
    *Provides you with access to unlimited classes
    *First class is free!

Program Coaches

Nicole Thompson, PT, DPT

Mitchell Thompson, PT, DPT

Rachel Sundberg, PTA

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